Professional Haircutting Set: Seamless & Deer Horn Thinning Shears

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Standard region - $1.20 shipping for the entire year

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SHARONDS 6-Inch Haircut Kit: Seamless Tooth Shears + Deer Horn Tooth Shears

SHARONDS 6-Inch Haircut Kit: Seamless and Deer Horn Thinning Shears SetBarber Tool Kit

Shape:  6.5" Silver Sharp Scissors
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Product Description

Product Title: SHARONDS 6-Inch Salon Haircut Kit, Seamless Tooth Shears + Deer Horn Tooth Shears, High Hardness Premium Steel, Sharp and Durable

Product Description:

  • Seamless Tooth Shears: Featuring straight-line seamless thinning, with a thinning rate of 10%-15%, sharp and does not snag hair, suitable for both men and women, suitable for all hair types.
  • Deer Horn Tooth Shears: Featuring curved deer horn thinning, with a thinning rate of 25%-35%, sharp and durable, suitable for cutting various hair textures, clear and uniform teeth marks.
  • The kit includes a 6-inch comprehensive straight shear and a deer horn tooth shear, suitable for both salon and personal use, providing multiple options to meet different needs.

Product Highlights:

  1. Precision Thinning: Each shear in the SHARONDS 6-Inch Salon Haircut Kit is designed for precise thinning, allowing for effortless texturizing and blending of hair.
  2. Seamless Tooth Shears: The seamless thinning feature of the shears ensures a smooth and even cut, with a thinning rate of 10%-15%, perfect for achieving natural-looking hairstyles without any visible lines.
  3. Deer Horn Tooth Shears: The unique curved design of the deer horn tooth shears offers exceptional control and versatility, with a thinning rate of 25%-35%, ideal for creating soft layers and adding volume to hair.
  4. Premium Steel Construction: Crafted from high-hardness premium steel, these shears are sharp, durable, and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in professional salon settings or personal use.
  5. Versatile Kit: The kit includes both seamless tooth shears and deer horn tooth shears, providing hairstylists and individuals with a comprehensive set of tools to achieve a wide range of haircut styles and techniques.
  6. Ergonomic Design: Each shear is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and reduced hand fatigue during prolonged use, allowing for precise and efficient hair cutting with minimal strain.
  7. Professional Results: With SHARONDS hair shears, hairstylists can achieve salon-quality results with ease, while individuals can effortlessly maintain their desired hairstyle at home, making it a must-have tool for any grooming routine.

Product parameters

category Barber Tool Kit Material steel
model 5.5 inches Full length 16cm
model 6.0 inches Full length 17.5cm
model 7.0 inches Full length 19.5cm

Product Details

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